Integrated Fitness Tracking Solution for a client in US

Client :

The client provides personalized and actionable data that engages and incentivizes healthy and active lifestyles using Mobile, Wearable, and Cloud Technologies. They create proprietary technology that enables users to seamlessly track, analyse and improve their health and fitness with or without the support of a healthcare professional.

Client Challenge :

To build a complete platform to track stats from fitness band and visualize them on

  • Mobile
  • iWatch and
  • web dashboards

Tech Vedika’s Role :

  • Assessed client’s existing framework to provide accurate solutions
  • Seamlessly integrated technologies to add more value
  • Determined fitness goals and areas to measures
  • Customised and offered services:
    • Wearable devices application development
    • Mobile application development
    • Website development
    • Agile Software Development
    • QA & Testing
    • Cloud Computing

Solutions Implemented :

Tech Vedika successfully completed development and testing of mobile, iWatch apps and web front end meeting the timeline requirements of client. Services also include delivery of API for the fitness band and its integration with mobile/iWatch app during development. Tech Vedika solution demonstrated capabilities for implementing solutions for wearable and fitness tracking devices.

Featured Functionalities include

  • Integration with multiple active bands
  • Integration with BP machine, weighing machine
  • Integration with BP machine, weighing machine
  • Graphical representation of health record analysis

Technology Applied :

The following are technologies used to resolve the challenge:

Web Client: PHP, jQuery

Mobile Client: iOS, Android, iWatch

Devices: Fitrax band, Apple Watch

Mobile: native iOS & Android

Web: jQuery, AngularJS


Outcomes achieved :

  • Tech Vedika’s integrated solution helps tracking fitness activities of an individual using fitness tracking devices & assisted software installed on smartphones and apple watch
  • It consists of a fitness tracker band, fitness equipment, mobile/iWatch app and a web based dashboard in order to assist users to keep track of their fitness goals
  • It has complete set of features for tracking & visualizing all activities, enroll in different competitions and result oriented plans
  • It helps analyze the amount of sleep, the steps we walk, the diet we take and overall health record in a day
  • It even records the blood pressure, body fat and several other minute health related concerns and helps us guide improve them