Internet of Things (IoT) Solution for a client in US

Client :

The client is a value added reseller of automation, control and power management devices as well as leak detection systems. With a strong technical approach, they focus on Power Quality Analysis, Automation and SCADA systems and all relevant areas including DMS, telemetry, Factory Automation, Power Management Systems, Power Distribution Control Systems (PDCS) and other automation components.

Client Challenge :

The challenge is two-fold:

  • First is to create a complete IoT Solution to alert and manage security systems in the building in case of an emergency
  • Secondly, to re-engineer this IoT Security Solution in the existing systems

Tech Vedika’s Role :

  • Conducted a survey to identify specific devices for internetworking
  • Recognised areas where security is essential
  • Analysed the different services to offer the client to provide complete solution for overall security of buildings
  • Integrated IoT technology from GPS tracking to triggering alarms
  • Services offered:
    • IoT Solution
    • Mobile application development
    • Website development
    • Agile Software Development
    • QA & Testing
    • Cloud Computing

Solutions Implemented :

Tech Vedika implemented an end to end IoT solution with below features:

  • OTP authentication of agents on mobile devices
  • Alert emergency security systems
  • Geo-locate IoT devices with high precision
  • Activate and trigger specific actions in IoT devices
  • Send notifications to emergency services
  • SaaS model service consumption

Apart from meeting the requirements for iOS mobile app and web interface, Tech Vedika solution successfully demonstrated capabilities for implementing M2M communications and IoT device programming.

Technology Applied :

The following are technologies used to resolve the challenge:

Web Client: Angular JS, HTML5, CSS

Mobile Client: iOS

Database: MySQL

Server: Java (Springs, Hibernate), Node JS, Apache Tomcat

Infrastructure: Amazon Cloud (AWS)

Devices: SmarThings Locker, Estimote Beacons, Fortrezz Siren

Outcomes achieved :

  • IoT solution helped agents to alert, activate and manage security systems during an emergency in a building (Schools, Hospitals, Home, Retail Stores etc)
  • The developed software interacts with IoT devices like door locks, sirens, cameras etc. for performing emergency actions (sending alerts to security agents/paramedics or trigger alarms or lock doors) during an emergency situation detected by an agent via mobile app
  • Product also included a web interface to manage and administer app users, organizations, IoT devices, geo-locations (using GPS, Wi-Fi, iBeacons) and emergency services